A special Pink Saturday (and a giveaway)...

Happy Pink Saturday, all! This is a very special Pink Saturday: Our weekly tribute to pink is celebrating its second birthday. In honor of the milestone, I'm holding a little giveaway. But first, I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite pink and white baskets.
These are some of Longaberger's Horizon of Hope baskets. Longaberger donates a portion of the profits to breast cancer research, hence the pink ribbons. I love the pale colors and the liners are beautiful. A message of hope is always welcome, don't you think?

And now, to celebrate Pink Saturday's second birthday, I thought I'd give away these adorable little pink and chocolate journals from Vera Bradley:

The set contains three mini-journals; the pages are lined. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this post by Thursday, June 3. If you are a follower, let me know and I'll throw your name in the hat a second time. I'll announce the winner next Saturday.
Please stop by Beverly's place at How Sweet the Sound to see a complete list of this week's participants. Pink Saturday wouldn't be possible without Beverly's work each week, so be sure to leave her a kind word as well.
Wishing all of you a beautiful holiday weekend!


  1. Hi Bella, what beautiful pinks you have, those baskets are divine..we could all use some pink and hope, right?
    I would love to win the journals, and I am also a follower!
    Have a blessed day!

  2. That basket is lovely! Happy PS! I'm already a follower! :)

  3. The baskets are beautiful ~ I love the fabric they've used. The journals are great ~ I love brown and pink together. Makes me think of chocolate and raspberries! : )

  4. Happy Pink Saturday. The baskets are gorgeous. What a beautiful fabric.

    Great give-away. I love writing in journals. It's supposed to be good for you too - calming and reflective.

    Hope you have a great Memorial day weekend.

  5. Love Vera Bradley. She's always in the pink! And I'm a Follower. Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Bella, those basket are so so beautiful.
    I'm already a follower. The fabric is amazing!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  7. Hi

    Stopping by for the PS Birthday Bash! I have one of those LB HH baskets. I think it's great what they do.

    Well my friend, you know that I'm a loyal follower and I would love to win another of your fab giveaways:)

    Enjoy the weekend!

  8. Hi Bella!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Those jounals are adorable, just like your blog!
    I hope you enjoy your weekend!
    Come over to the Forest and join my giveaway!
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and The Pixies!

  9. The baskets are stunning. They are the perfect color of pink. How lovely for a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

  10. What a lovely pinks for a giveaway. Vera is lovely merchandise.

    May your Memorial weekend & celebrations be safe & enjoyable, filled merriment ... as you solemnly remember those that have passed before us & our military that protect(ed)s our freedoms. LET FREEDOM RING!!

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  11. Before I even scrolled down I knew those were Horizon of Hope baskets! I have several myself!

  12. What a Birthday celebration we are having with Beverly. You have such a delightful post and I too collect Longaberger.

    So far the parties have been so much fun and full of cake! Hope you are having fun too.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Memorial Day.

  13. wow, what gorgeous baskets!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday! :-)

  14. and of course, I am a follower! who could visit your blog and not become one!

  15. I love those journals! I would love to win. Happy Pink Saturday and I am a follower too :)



  16. Beautiful basket!!
    Happy Pink Saturday. :)

    I'm already a Follower as well. Thanks!! :)


  17. The baskets are just beautiful! Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. What a lovely pink post. I love those baskets and the Vera Bradley notebookd. Happy pink Saturday birthday.

  19. Happy Pink Saturday! Love that basket! I am a new follower too!
    Stop by if you get a chance I am having a twice the fun Giveaway. Have a great weekend!

    luvs and glitter

  20. Love the pink toile and the Vera Bradley journals. Happy Pink Saturday!

  21. Ouuuuuu I love those pink n chocolate journals.
    Happy Pink Saturday

    Hugz, Dolly

    come visit

  22. Your pink baskets are lovely! And the Vera Bradley journals are just my colors! Please enter me for a chance to win! I'm now your newest follower!

    I'm also having a giveaway that ends tonight so please hop over and enter!


    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  23. Love the baskets --- they truly are gorgeous.

  24. I love Longaberger baskets. I love the pink hope one's, I think I will have to buy one! Pink Saturday has been so much fun!! Those little journals are very sweet!

  25. Happpy PS! what a lovely post! thanks for sharing. have a good weekend!

  26. I love all of the pink.. What great journals and a wonderful giveaway to have.. I would love to win them...

    Oh and I am following you also...

    Have a wonderful Sunday..

  27. Hello!
    thanks so much for inviting me over to enter your giveaway!

    first of all your two baskets are adorable! i love how sweet and pretty they are!

    and yes, please do enter me in your fabulous giveaway...those journals are absolutely delicious! i love them! i am a journal a holic!
    and these would send me over the top with happiness and journaling bliss! hehe...


    have a great day!
    ciao Bella!

    creative carmelina

  28. and you many enter me a second time cause I am your follower!

    yeah me, yeah you!

    ciao again!


  29. Happy Pink Saturday on Sunday!! I love your pics. Hope to see you at my blog sometime!! XX

  30. What a beautiful basket! Love that pink!

  31. What a great giveaway and lovely post for Pink Saturday. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  32. I emailed you about the Etsy feature interview!

    hopefully it's done right!

    and thanks again!

    ciao bella!

    creative carmelina

  33. Those baskets are absolutely beautiful! And the help support a great cause! Doesn't get much better than that! And I love your journals.... B&N is one if my favorite stores. I would love to be entered into your giveaway!

  34. Happy belated Pink Saturday!

    Thanks for the chance to win those cute mini-journals -- they are gorgeous! :)


  35. I think we've all celebrated Pink Saturday beautifully and are still doing so right into Sunday. I have a little giveaway as well, so come on over. I love those little journals, I use journals all the time, as I'm a bit out of touch if I can't see my "to do's" on a piece of paper...IPhone, Blackberry all OK, I just still need the presence of paper. Wonderful giveaway. You know I'm already a follower. xx's

  36. I am a new follower and I'd love to win your journals. They're yummylicious. Thanks! Mollye

  37. What a wonderful blog, I just signed up to follow....I even love the music. Your plants are doing great, I haven't yet had time to take care of my gardens this year, I'm so sad about that but I'm going to try to do something today while hubby is mowing the lawn and before the cookout begins...I better get started.

    Take care,

  38. As I said, I'm a new follower and I can't wait to see what you have in store for all of us.


  39. great post,i am still visiting all the pink saturday particiepents...whew!!!!
    hope you had a great day!

  40. Happy Pink Saturday, Bella. We've been pinking together for almost a year now. Thank you for everything you do to make Pink Saturday special.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. Those baskets are wonderful. I had not seen them before.

    And, thank you for the opportunity to win your giveaway. I am a follower.


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