The last of the tulips for this year...

Spring may not officially be over for another month or so here, but I can feel summer in the air. The nights are getting warmer, my plants and flowers are really starting to grow, and I have a great itch to spend each weekend at the beach. Before spring is completely gone, I thought I'd share the last of this year's tulips. Aren't they pretty? I love the vivid colors.


  1. The tulips are beautiful. I like the simplicity of the arrangement.


  2. Love the tulips!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  3. Tulips are so cheerful, so welcoming. Love your simple arrangement. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. They are very beautiful.
    I love Tulips!


  5. My favorite flower!Yours are beautiful.

  6. I love tulips! One of my favorites!


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