In love with lilacs...

Above photo from Kim Cornelison and Pete Krumhardt/Midwest Living. Photo below from Madmoiselle Lavender via flickr. Bottom photo from Country Living.

Welcome, May. I fell in love with lilacs in the month of May and it was like discovering a hidden gem. It wasn't that I had never seen lilacs before, it was more that I never paid them proper attention. And once I did, I was in love - with their beauty, their scent, their promise of summer.
It was this issue of Victoria magazine, from May 2000, that turned me on to this new love:

Something about those lilacs popping out of that bicycle basket - I wanted to live in that photograph. A couple weeks later, I had planted my own lilac bush, which flourished. One day, I shall have a little mini grove of lilacs. Also on my list is a visit to Mackinac Island, celebrated for its lilacs and beauty. Click here for a story on the island from the current issue of Victoria magazine. This year's island lilac festival is June 11-20. Should anyone be lucky enough to attend, I would love to hear about it.


  1. I LOVE lilacs! I have tarts that I burn that are lilac scented :-) Unfortunately, when I've cut my lilacs and put them in a vase, they die within a day :-(

    p.s. don't forget your award at my place!

  2. I have bouquets of lilac all over the house today. Our valley seems full of their scent.

    Love the last picture, lilac and cream table setting.

  3. Lilacs are so beautiful. I love their colour. Have a nice weekend

  4. I have lilacs that are just starting to bloom. Yes, they don't last long after picked and put in a vase

    Weekend blessings

  5. Ohh ours are just about done blooming, but they were awesome to look at and smell!

  6. This is beautiful. I can remember the first Victoria my Mom bought. We were smitten. I am so glad it is back after the little lapse. I love that we were in sympatico with our love of lilacs. This is lovely and the music is divine! Blessings dear.

  7. Bella, this is an absolutely exquisite post. So relaxing. So peaceful. So full of joy. I totally adore lilacs, from scent to color to flowers...and your last photo is picture perfect!! Thanks for a beautiful blog.

  8. Oh, a lilac festival!.. Sounds WONDERFUL! Lilacs are just starting to bloom around here, and I LOVE their beautiful scent when they do! Here in the state of NY, there will be the annual Tulip Fest in Albany, the state's capital! I don't know if we're going this year, but as long as the weather is agreeable, it is a gorgeous event to attend! ~tina

  9. My best friend loves lilacs, but I have never seen them growing. Maybe one of these days.

    Thank you for sharing your joy.

  10. I miss lilacs so much! They don't grow in Phoenix, AZ - but I am originally from Michigan and they were definitely a part of my childhood. Wish I could go up to Mackinac Island and enjoy the festival... maybe I will go next year. Thanks for your beautiful blog and the lovely pics.

  11. So many lovely pictures Bella!They brighten up my days! Here we're still having cold and rain....I strongly and urgently need Spring!!


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