Dreaming of beauty in the bath...

Image from Karen Horton via flickr

I've always found bathrooms to be restful, romantic places – or, at least they are in my dreams. My current bathroom doesn't measure up, but one day I shall have the clawfoot tub I long for, the vintage subway tiles, the linen closet that is so full of luxurious sheets and fluffy towels you never want to close the door to its beauty or its lavender scent. I shall have two sinks, glass canisters full of bubble bath and sea salts and piles of French lavender soap. And a simple chair to sit in while I draw my bath, a stack of magazines at the ready.
Sounds like perfection to me.
If you're wondering what prompted these beautiful bathroom dreams, it was my neighbors. They have been renovating their old beach cottage and they put in a fabulous new/old bathroom - everything is new, but it feels old, fitting in with the period of the house. It reawakened my "someday" bathroom dreams.
One of my favorite books about beauty in the bath - both for the person and the home - is the one pictured below. It's an old book from the original Victoria Magazine, out of print now, though you can still find it on eBay and places like that. It is a feast for the eyes as it waltzes through the seasons. Should you come across it, it's worth picking up.
What's in your dream bathroom?


  1. Dear,dearest Bella.
    Thank you for this post.I will search that book on E-bay because that's exactly what I need. These days I'm looking for "that particular thing" for my bathrooms...it will come with time and with this book, I am sure!
    Kisses from Italy,

  2. My dream bathroom is a 1950s pink bathroom!

  3. I thought I had every Victoria book - don't have that one.

    My dream bathroom is anyone that has a large soaking tub!


  4. my bathroom is so tiny..but i like it just the same...i fill the counter top with all sorts of pretty things...and it makes me happy to look at each day!

    and btw...i love any book or magazine that Victoria brings out! so tres romantique!!!!

    it is a pleasure to meet and follow you...your blog and music....so very beautiful!

    and I always sign off with this...

    ciao bella!
    and in this case, it is totally apropos!!! lol

    do come by and visit me too!
    creative carmelina

  5. My dream bathroom is spa like....mainly I just want lots of space. A separate tub and shower. Lots of storage. It seems like homes anymore are about cramming as much as possible into little spaces. I grew up in a tiny house, so I just want to space! :-)

  6. My dream bathroom is much the same as yours. Something very pretty, very feminine. :)


  7. I would love to have that tub also.. I have an okay bathroom. Maybe someday I will build a house and dress it up..

    Have an amazing day..

  8. My dream bathroom would be similar to yours but I would also like a shower with lots of jets and no doors to clean!


  9. Well, there would be gold and marble and a touch of pink, and it would be self-cleaning! Oh and with a crystal chandelier :)

  10. hmmm ... the bathroom you describe is definitely dreamy. i think right now my dream bathroom would be a 2nd bathroom, no matter what it looked like! LOL

    thanks for your sweet comment.


  11. I haven't been for a little while.... so glad I stopped by. As usual my eyes and soul are contented by the beauty here.

  12. My dream bathroom sounds pretty much like yours and pretty much like my parents in England have!

    Wishful thinking for me in my twenties though, have to wait a few more years I think :-)

  13. I saw you on Kathie's place today.. That is how we met and I am glad.. I have enjoyed getting to know you.. Have a great long weekend..

  14. I love this! I was just looking at Anthropologie and saw the lovely ruffled layered shower curtains. That would be my starting point. I also love vintage glam so maybe glass and mirrored accessories with pink thrown in:-)

  15. Hi sweetie! sending love. hope all is well and thanks for the lovely comments. I adore Victoria's bath articles. They are a dream.Blessings.

  16. I too am dreaming of a clawfoot bath - dreamy indeed! This books sounds lovely!
    Happy weekend,

  17. I love all the Victoria magazines. I've never seen the books. I'll have to check them out on Ebay. Have a great holiday weekend!



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