An Easter-themed Pink Saturday...

For me, Easter has always meant three things: Flowers, chocolate and Easter egg hunts. In honor of today's pink/yellow Easter-themed Pink Saturday, I thought I'd share my two favorite Easter flowers - lilies and tulips. Their beauty says Easter and spring, all in one.
If it seems I've posted a lot of flower photographs lately, you're right. But there's something about this time of year that makes them irresistible to me. I find surrounding myself with all of spring's beauty seems to reawaken my soul. Isn't that really what Easter is all about, on some level ~ a rebirth, a reawakening?
As always, a big thank you to the lovely Beverly for hosting Pink Saturday every week. Please stop by her blog, How Sweet the Sound, for a complete list of participants. Have a wonderful weekend, all!


  1. So pretty and delightful!
    Happy Pink Saturday and blessed Easter.

  2. I hope that you have such blessings for Easter and everyday! Thanks so much for the delight of an award! Soo sweet and thoughtful! Take care dear one! Light, Amy

  3. What a lovely post! The photography is just beautiful. Wishing you a blessed Easter.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  4. Lovely post, so pretty and it. Happy Easter and Pink Saturday. I'm having a giveaway, please feel free to drop by and join in.
    Have a great weekend

  5. Wondrous photos - full of life and hope. Your blog is a joy to view and experience. I look forward to visiting again!

  6. Lovely! Happy Easter and Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. Bella: As always, your post is beautiful. Have a blessed Easter dear friend. Martha

  8. so pretty and cheerful! I forgot to sign up ahead of time for the pink party, so I'm leaving my pink link and hoping that you'll drop by soon. Have a fun weekend! until later...

  9. I share your love for these exquisite blooms. Spring is my favorite time of year. Our dogwood blooms opened Friday, and our azaleas will be in full-bloom by next weekend. I am in my glory.

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter, Bella.

  10. Beautiful blooms! Love the star gazer? lily!


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