A fabulous giveaway at 2 Bags Full...

Photo from 2 Bags Full

Vicki at 2 Bags Full is welcoming spring in a big way. She is giving away a Vera Bradley bag - the Emma bag in the new Sittin' in a Tree pattern (seen above). Isn't that a great way to kick off the season?
Aside from the incredibly wonderful and generous giveaway, which is open to everyone until April 30, Vicki has a beautiful blog. It's well worth the visit just to see her beautiful knitted creations.
Click here for the giveaway and here for her main blog page. Enjoy!


  1. Very cute bag! Thanks for the link! :D

  2. Hi Bella - I was already having a great day - and this little posting just put me over the top! Thanks so much for the link to my blog and for the compliments! You should be the one recieving the compliments - your blog is truely lovely. Your pictures are just beautiful. Thank you, thank you for doing this for me. I wish you and your blogging friends good luck in the contest!



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