Tuesday brightener... The beauty of fall

Photo credit: Shellorz via flickr

Photo credit: Ctd2005 via flickr

Photo credit: Peasap via flickr

This week I'm in the mood for long walks in chilly weather surrounded by trees aflame with color. But, since the leaves aren't really turning too much yet where I live, I went in search of gorgeous foliage elsewhere. I hope these photos brighten your Tuesday, wherever you are.

Photo credit: Dee Q8 via flickr


  1. love the pictures! I love Fall, but it seems that winter is here instead in Illinois :-(

  2. They do indeed brighten my Tuesday! They are so beautiful. Thanks for the light- it's blackness outside my window at the moment. A void of pouring rain- I wish I didn't have to go out in it!

  3. Gorgeous photos...makes me want to go for a long walk too! I'm loving the cool weather and it's raining here today...yippee!!


  4. You have really captured fall. The sun is out here in the mountains today. Yesterday - rain. Tonight - rain and tomorrow too. Our leaves will rot before they turn colors if this rain doesn't stop.

  5. Mother Nature is sure showing off!

    Enjoy your day!

  6. Stunning fall beauty!!


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