The beauty of gardenias...

How I love the scent of gardenias. The large gardenia by my front door is in bloom right now, which means you always get a whiff of lovely scent as you come in and out of the house.
I was a little worried about the bush earlier this year. We had a late snow/frost and the bush really seemed to take it on the nose, turning brown and generally looking unhealthy for a couple weeks afterward. But it seems to have recovered and is now putting out beautiful blooms.

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  1. Beautiful! I had a gardenia bush at my last house and two winters ago, it was so cold it died :-(. Glad yours is doing well.

  2. Gardenias always bring back memories from my preteen years...I recall often special occasions calling for a corsage would prompt our Mamas to cut a single Gardenia bloom and proudly pin it on. So perfect..who can ever forget the scent?


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