Introducing Tilly the Goose...

Everyone, meet Tilly. Tilly is quite possibly the coolest goose around, even if she is made of cement. She belonged to my grandmother and the two of them had a ball together. My grandmother got a kick out of making Tilly outfits and Tilly was happy to model them. Gram dressed her up for pretty much everything over the years and then took pictures and sent them to all of us. My grandmother died earlier this year so Tilly has flown south to live with me. Naturally she brought her wardrobe with her.
Since it has been hot here, I put Tilly’s straw hat and her sunglasses on her for now. I’m also going to give her a little TLC this summer; she needs her paint touched up. Wait till you see her outfits, too, which I will share. I hope you enjoy her as much as everyone else has over the years.

Tilly says bye for now...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. Tilly is adorable. I look forward to seeing her dressed up!

  2. How cute is that. I love Tilly in her sun glasses and hat.

  3. Awwww, Tilly is adorable! I have a concrete goose that I used to dress, but now she's in the backyard naked.


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