A kitchen update...

I had been thinking for awhile about adding a bit more color to the kitchen when a couple of things happened. First, we had the electric in our house upgraded. That meant the old circuit breakers in the kitchen wall came out and everything was moved where it should be. The second was that I happened to spot a gallon of red paint in the mis-tint section of Lowe’s for $5 and decided it might be just the color I was looking for.
Once the electricians were all finished and the wall in the kitchen repaired, I got out my leftover yellow paint and painted the wall to match. Below is where the circuit breakers used to be, now replaced with plain old drywall and some pretty pictures.

Since I had my paint brush out, I decided to go ahead and paint those bottom cabinets red. After all, the paint only cost $5 and if I hated it, I could just paint them back.
But it turns out I didn’t hate it. In fact, I liked it quite a bit more. So did my husband. The kitchen feels warmer and those red cabinets look better against our new stove. The lighting in this room is awful for taking photographs, but I think you get the idea.

I still can’t wait until we renovate this room completely, but at least it’s warm and cheerful in the meantime. Here’s what it looked like before:

And again, the after:

Better, don’t you think?

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  1. Good job! A definite improvement with the colors added. I love the red.

  2. Like the way you mixed it up. I am trying to decide on switching to the same stove as you and have all white appliances presently. Cannot afford to replace all at once, so what to do? Not sure if I care for the hard to clean white gas stove I need to replace.


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