Inspired by Mother Nature...

I keep finding myself drawn to brighter colors in my design work. Pastels used to be all I wanted to see, but the last couple of years in particular I have noticed I really love brighter colors. (Although, as you may notice, my brighter colors still seem to have a bit of a pastel base, just in a brighter tint.) As I set out to create a few lovely solid color fabrics for The Pink Home, I just mixed until I had colors that I absolutely loved.
It wasn’t until I had already tested the colors and printed swatches that I discovered my creations were clearly inspired by Mother Nature herself, though it wasn’t a conscious decision. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised ~ her work is full of gorgeous colors that are beyond anything we could dream up alone.
I realized my new Bright Peach fabric and gift wrap bore an uncanny resemblance to those lovely peach carnations on my coffee table. And my Bright Pink seemed nearly a perfect match for these lovely pink flowers.

Then there is my Sea Green color creation, which was inspired by a number of things, including my recent trip to Hawaii, and the colors I painted the cabinets in my mudroom and the fireplace mantle on the porch. Plus, that bluish-green shade just seems to be one of my favorite colors of late.
I also think these three new colors look lovely together ~ a nice bright bunch. What do you think?

I am linking to Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

Photos and designs by The Pink Home


  1. Your bright colors go together so well. Happy Pink Saturday.

  2. Beuatiful! I tend to like brighter shades of pastels too, especially when it comes to clothing. I get washed-out when colors are too pale.

    A trip to Hawaii sounds divine. I've never been there, but it is definitely on my bucket list!


  3. Very Cheerful colors :) Happy Pink Saturday :)

  4. Love the flower colors! Beautiful talent!


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