Linen closet ideas...

If you are anything like me, you dream of a perfectly gorgeous linen closet. I do actually have a linen closet but it is so crammed with so many other things, the linen seems to be an afterthought. It’s in there and it’s neat, but I wouldn’t exactly call it pleasing to the eye. I have been wondering if I could come up with another solution when I came across this article on Country Living about how to organize a linen closet. They used a separate wardrobe (which is a whole other idea) and offered a list of tips and ideas that are absolutely worth reading, so I thought I would share.
I particularly like the idea of using ribbon to bundle sheets together, and their use of baskets with labels to coral necessities that aren’t exactly pretty. And I do think a tray like the one below is a wonderful idea for keeping all sorts of extra toiletries together and organized. I am definitely going to put redoing the linen closet on my list of projects for the year.
Do you have a lovely linen closet or any favorite tips for organizing one?


  1. I have a lovely linen closet--until you open the doors that is! It is my plan to, once again, organize it this week. Your photo is an inspiration!



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