Blooming where you're planted...

Blooming where you’re planted is sometimes a difficult thing for both plants and people. Take this hydrangea bush of mine. In past years it has struggled to bloom, mostly because my dog Russ decided it was in his favorite spot in the yard and when the bush would come back to life in the spring, he would just flatten it down and literally lay in the middle of it. He seemed to think it made the perfect outside bed and there was no budging him from it.
Since Russ passed last fall, the hydrangea bush has been able to grow this spring largely unimpeded. I say largely because my dog Nick sometimes tries to take a page from Russ’s book. For the most part, though, the bush is doing well. And for the first time since I’ve lived in this house, the bush is in bloom ~ lovely pale blue and white hydrangea flowers, as you can see. I cut some of the first blooms yesterday and put them in my favorite blue vase.

Now, I wouldn’t trade my Russ for anything, but it is lovely to see this bush actually putting out blooms. I guess the moral of the story is blooming where you’re planted is a lot easier when you don’t have something holding you back. And that applies to both plants and people, I would say.

One more thing. As I was turning the vase around to find the “front” and snapping pictures, I took this photo below. Only later when I was sorting through the photographs did I notice that in this one, the hydrangeas look like they are arranged in the shape of a heart. Cute, isn’t it? And completely unintentional.

So take heart, dear friends, and remember that blooming where you’re planted always adds a little more beauty to the world. And again, that applies to both plants and people.
Wishing all of you a lovely week...

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  1. You have some wise words here as well as the beautiful blooms.

  2. I'm sure that you think of Russ each time you enjoy your blue blooms. That makes for a blue-tiful memory!

    Happy Blue Monday, Eileen.

  3. I really like what you wrote here about 'blooming where you're planted', specially your conclusion about it. It's very inspiring.

    Visiting you from Sally's Blue Monday. Have a great week ahead!

  4. Lovely post.
    Lovely flowers. :)


  5. Such beautiful flowers. I just can't get them to grow. ;(

  6. Wonderful words contrasting the Hydrangeas and life. I's SO true. It's like doing something you love verses something you really don't enjoy--you bloom if you love it. The photos look lovely, what a beautiful shade of blue and the heart shape is precious.

  7. Very good advice, and I love your hydrangeas. They are so pretty and that heart! It is the perfect thing to share on Blue Monday. Hope the pups let them continue to bloom.



  8. I love these big blue boloms. However, I have tried to grow them but not much luck.

  9. I've seen so many hydrangeas later. Don't have one but I'm constantly being reminded of how pretty and impressive they are. I need to go shopping.

  10. a beautiful bouquet...i love hydrangea, reminds me of springtime. your blue vases are lovely, too.

  11. Beautiful Blooms and Blues too!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  12. love love love hydrangeas. Mine are just starting to bloom, I must clip some blossoms!

  13. beautiful blooms and a beautiful post my friend. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

  14. Beautiful blooms. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.

  15. Well put. My Hydrangeas are just now coming to their own! Yours look lovely in the blue vase - So delighted you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,


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