Blooming indoors...

Since this month is all about blooming where you’re planted, I thought a little floral decorating inspiration might be in order. These photos came from my inspiration file and, unfortunately, I didn’t save the source. (So if anyone happens to recognize one, please let me know.) I love the soft romance in all of these floral patterns. The chairs are gorgeous and the bathroom is divine. The bedroom is pretty and feminine, but the soft white keeps the floral wallpaper from being overwhelming.
In fact, looking at all these soft florals makes me want some in my home. Just when I think I’m finished redecorating...


  1. I have just been thinking about how to decorate one of the bedrooms, and the colours in your first photo would be just perfect. Trouble is...when do I get the time? I really must make more of an effort to start then I won't stop! Have a wonderful week. Chel x

  2. What beautiful inspiration photos! I love that first chair.


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