Ingenious beauty...

Just a quick post to share something I came across on Pinterest. Isn’t this a fab idea? A cake stand repurposed as a soap holder for the kitchen ~ ingenious. I just love it. Adorable and useful is one of my favorite combinations.
I hope all of you are having a great week. And if you are on Pinterest, you can follow me here.


  1. That is a fabulous idea! Keeps soap scum off the counter too.

    Just followed you on Pinterest. I really enjoyed looked at your boards.

  2. Love this idea!.. For kitchen AND Bathroom!.. As for Pinterest, I only JUST JOINED, and am frankly trying to find the TIME to figure it out! (0; But had fun looking at your boards too! ~tina

  3. Such a lovely idea! And I like that it doesn't really interfere with the counter space and there's room under the cakestand if you need it. Thank you for posting this. (Love the color, too!)

  4. Love it! I do this too. I saw it years ago in Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee. Mine is not nearly as cute as this one! Hum...this might lead to a project this weekend! I've got a giveaway going on if you want come over and visit for a chance to win!


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