The beauty of sanctuary spaces...

Where do you go when you need time, space, rest? Is it your bedroom? Sunroom? Library? Garden? Do you have a place you claim as your sanctuary?
We've been talking about resting and planning this month and I think the spaces we choose for those activities makes a difference in our success. A cluttered play room, for example, probably isn't the best place for you to go to clear your mind. Trying to rest in a bedroom that doesn't feel like a haven might be contributing to your lack of sleep. I'm a big proponent of making all of our spaces as beautiful as possible, as you know, but there's more to it than just looking good. A lovely, calming space is good for your soul.
I have a few “sanctuary” spaces in my home. My living room, which is full of soft pink light day and night, is where I go when I need a bit of soothing quiet, away from the noise of the television and busyness of the day. My breakfast nook, which is tucked away at the back of the house, is a perfect little spot for creating lists and organizing my thoughts while I enjoy a cup of tea. My bedroom is where I go when I need to really, really rest. It's my place to hide from the world on those rare occasions when I feel it necessary. Drawing the curtains, closing the door and climbing under the covers is like wrapping a warm cocoon around myself.
If you don't have a sanctuary space, I encourage you to create one. Think beauty, comfort, light ~ whatever speaks to your soul.
Wishing all of you a restful weekend...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. Your rooms are beautiful! I am almost finished creating my bedroom sanctuary. A day or two more and it will be aaahhhhh.

  2. It is calming and restful just looking at your photos of "sanctuary".

  3. Your living room is beautiful! I can see that it would definitely be a relaxing, calming, beautifying place to spend one's time.

    I feel similarly to you about having a beautiful place in which to relax...a haven, if you will. My formal living room is that for me. Although it's cold in the winter, due to its large size and lack of fireplace, I just grab my little space heater and a blanket, because I love the beauty of the room. Filled with floral furniture, teacups, silk flowers, and other beautiful items, it satisfies my need to be around loveliness.

  4. Love your rooms. They are absolutely perfect and yes, very calming.

    I struggle with my "own space". With all of the people in our home (4 kids, 3 pets, hubby and myself), I feel like I don't really have a space.
    I just sort of land wherever there's room. I'll need to work on this.....



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