The beauty of planning...

Do you have any big plans for the year? I don't mean resolutions ~ those good intentions we all have and most of us break before January is even over. I mean real plans. Little plans or life plans. Things you've put considerable thought into and want to accomplish this year. Fun stuff, serious stuff ~ it all counts. Even planning to set aside time to think about what you'd like the year to bring is a step in the right direction.
I'm all for being spontaneous (if I wasn't, I wouldn't find myself somehow on a flight to Denver at the last minute so I can spend Saturday freezing while watching a playoff football game), but I have found that to get what I really want out of life, it usually helps, first, to know what that is (which is harder than it sounds), and second, to make plans that get me to that goal. Then, of course, you have to follow through. The upside to all that thought and planning and work is that the universe generally appreciates our efforts and rewards them, usually more handsomely than we dream.
I've given quite a bit of thought to what I'd like 2013 to bring and how I'd like to accomplish it. I really want to spend more time on things I enjoy this year, like blogging, taking photographs, cooking, daydreaming, catching up on my reading and working on my Pink Home creations. In fact, I think enjoyment is going to be my key theme this year. I'm going to spend my energies on people and things I enjoy.

I've already mapped out a plan for my blogs and have started keeping my camera charged again and actually using it, instead of snapping quick pictures all the time with my phone. I have also already started getting things ready to get my Pink Home Etsy shop re-opened ~ hence the touch-ups to my main web page ~ and will continue to work on that for the next few weeks until it's up and running. I really want to get The Pink Home started on the road to its full potential this year, so I'm going to focus quite a bit on that in the coming months.
In that same vein, I also really want to learn to sew properly this year. I mean, good enough to make curtains and pillows and things to sell in my shop, so I think this coming fall I'm going to take sewing lessons at one of the local colleges. They offer them then, so I'm going to save my money for classes and a machine.
There are other plans I'm mulling over for the year, but we'll talk more about those later. What about you? What would you like this year to bring?

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  1. The only thing that I really have planned for this year is to redo my kitchen.
    And I don't mean "redo" like a team of pro's are coming in and ripping it all out and starting over. I mean.. (uggh) me redoing it.

    With 2 kids in college, there is no way that I can afford to put big $$'s into the home right now. I've told my husband that I don't want him pressuring me either. I like to take my time. If he starts throwing orders at me, I'll get frustrated and not want to do it at all.

    I REALLY love the "romantic" style and I'm going to try to do my kitchen like that as much as possible.


  2. I have a lot of great plans this year. This is the year that I am going to take some time for me. Working on my From Harvest To Table blog, planting a garden, taking better care of myself.....Just as soon as I get this silly house painted :-).

  3. Eileen, I love a good plan ( lovely photo). Yours sounds perfect. I was just saying I need to plan things at Katherines Corner a bit better. I wish you great success with your etsy shop. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  4. Planning can be one of the most intimidating things if you actually want to follow through. I love the photos that you posted. I am so thankful for hops so that I can find new blogs!

  5. I have a few plans, one of which is to read and follow along with "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. I'm hoping I'll discover some kind of dormant talent!

    Your tulips, one of my favourite flowers, are beautiful.



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