Warming up with comfort food...

Brrrr! It's a cold and breezy autumn day in the Carolinas. We are lucky here in South Carolina to have escaped the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, though, so I'm not complaining. Most of my family is caught in the path of the storm. I've been through my share of hurricanes, but not a storm like this. I hope any of you that are in the path of the storm are safe and sound and hunkered down with plenty of provisions.
Since it's so chilly here today, I'm going to make a pot of my homemade chicken soup for dinner with lots of warm crusty bread and some brownies. I've tried just about every type of brownie there is, including homemade, and the Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate are probably my favorites. They're just fantastic. Soup, crusty bread and brownies ~ perfect comfort food.
Wishing all of you lots of comfort during the storm...

Photos by The Art of Living Beautifully


  1. Your chicken noodle soup looks delicious and soups are certainly a comfort food at our house.

  2. Just the words chicken soup makes me feel wonderful.
    My grandmother made it year round.
    It was her cure for everything.

  3. mmmmmmmm,
    Your blog is cozy. I believe I'll become a follower. Anyone who loves dogs is my kind!


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