Blissful afternoons on the porch...

Doesn't this little porch look like a slice of heaven? I love the colors ~ so light and airy and cheerful. And the gorgeous, abundant display of flowers is an indulgence all its own. After seeing this, I have a hundred little ideas swirling in my head about what I could do with my own sunroom when I move back East. I can just imagine lovely afternoons spent curled up on a daybed with my dogs and a good book... bliss.
To see more of this adorable cottage, click here to check out the entire slide show on Country Living.
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend...

Photo by Max Kim-Bee/Country Living


  1. There is no finer place to spend a lazy afternoon that on the porch. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh, my, yes!! SO beautiful, serene, and relaxing...and delightful too with those sweet little pooches!!

    Blessings to you,

  3. It looks like a heavenly place to land for the weekend. Hope you are having a great one!

  4. What a charming porch! One I would just love to have!
    Thanks so much for your visit!!


  5. I agree.. it would certainly feel like a 'slice of heaven' to hang out on this porch. Especially with those two sweet puppies!

    Let's see: it's pretty, it's comfortable, it has furry friends for petting and snuggling, not to mention a cozy chair for reading....

    Yes.... ahhhh.... perfect........

  6. That looks like such a relaxing spot. I love the cute doggies since I have two dachshunds myself. This looks like the perfect spot to spend a quiet afternoon.

    Thank for you for commenting on my spring tablescape. I'm now your newest follower. Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. That really is beautiful and summery fresh, just the right place for a warm, lazy and sunny Sunday afternoon - not that we seem to get too many of those here... Love from London xo

  8. Ooooo that is gorgeous, I could spend hours and hours on that porch!


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