Saturday, July 30, 2011

A lovely day to sit on the porch...

Sometimes it's a good idea to just sit on the porch and watch the world go by. It's a lovely day here today ~ the weather is a gorgeous 74 degrees and there's a breeze blowing in off the ocean. Emily has taken to her new favorite spot and I must say, she has excellent taste. I'm off to join her.
Wishing all of you a lovely, relaxing weekend.

Photos by The Pink Home

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The beauty of a day to yourself...

I woke up this morning and my body and mind were saying, politely, nope, we're not gonna do it. We're done. Finito. So, for once, I listened and decided to stay home from work. I figured everyone feels under the weather occasionally and just needs a day to themselves.
It's wonderful to be home alone sometimes ~ this morning I have indulged in nearly three hours of cooking shows. Heavenly. The dogs are all asleep around me as I write this and shortly I'm going to go crawl back into bed, surround myself with pillows and read. It's delicious to have time to peruse a few of the books I bought recently and decide which to settle down with and read first. Later I'm going to do a little work on my shop ~ create a banner, sort things so they're easy to list, etc. I've got a roast in the crockpot, so in a few hours I'll add some carrots and potatoes and that will be dinner handled. All in all, I think it's going to be a beautiful day.

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Photo by The Pink Home

Monday, July 18, 2011

The charms of an antique bathroom...

To my mind, there is nothing more charming in a bathroom than wainscoting and an old clawfoot tub. Add a simple pedestal sink, creamy walls, an antique mirror, old cream and pale green tile, a built-in magazine rack and cupboard and a skylight that floods the room with natural light and you've got a dream come true for a bathroom. Yes, it's a little small and the shower in the clawfoot tub takes a little getting used to, but it's a small price to pay for such charms. With the floaty curtains and touches of pink here and there, it's a very feminine room, but not too girly. It is, by far, the loveliest bathroom I've ever had. And more importantly, it perfectly suits our new little cottage, which I love more and more each day.

P.S. If you'd like to see the rest of our cottage, click here for living room, here for the dining room and here for the kitchen, which is my second favorite room in the house.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kitchen love...

From the fabulous old cupboard filled to the brim with my colorful dishes to the skylight above the pan hanger that floods the room with natural light to the island that has electricity and shelves for my cookbooks, the kitchen in our new home ticks all my boxes. Character, function, storage ~ I'm absolutely in love. 
I like red in the kitchen, so you'll see quite a bit of sprinkled around. I hope you haven't tired of the home tour yet. The last room I want to show you is our bathroom, which is the most beautiful bathroom I've ever had the pleasure of inhabiting, right down to the fabulous claw foot tub. I'll have pictures for you sometime this weekend. 
I hope all of you are having a wonderful week full of beauty.


P.S. As always, click on the photos to enlarge for a better view.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A room of surprises...

I love it when a room surprises you, like the dining room in our new house. The room has a slight nautical feel to it, completely unplanned by me, thanks to the old oars over the double window/built-in window seat. To complement the oars and the light fixture, I used an old nautical picture I had, placing it on top of the armoire. It works well with all the wood in the room, too. And since there was blue in the picture and a little blue in the dishes under the window, I tucked a blue lamp in the corner for better lighting. I finished off the look with splashes of yellow, as planned, setting the table with some fabulous embroidered yellow place mats and the cheery napkin rings my friend sent me. I originally planned to use some yellow cafe curtains in this room as well, but the owners put in new wooden plantation blinds and I quite like them, so I nixed the curtains.
I'm not thrilled with having to place my magazines in the bookshelf in this room, but they just wouldn't go anyplace else, so I'm living with it. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the room ~ it seems to suit the feel of the cottage. What do you think?

P.S. Again, you can click on each photo to enlarge.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A colorful cottage...

The view as you walk in the front door. Below, you can see the dining room to the left, the hall that leads to the bathroom and bedroom on the other side of the book case, and of course, the kitchen off to the right.

My friend's fabulous quilt.

I piled some bright pillows in the reading chair as well and used my old trunk for a coffee table.

Color, color, color seems to be my motto for our new little cottage.
I'm a pastel girl as a rule, as you know, but I was inspired by a fabulous quilt that belongs to a friend of mine to go bolder in the living/family room this time. With the move to a smaller place, we got rid of a few things, and quite a few more things headed to storage to wait for our move back East next year. We ended up keeping my sweetie's leather couch for the living room because it was the newest piece of furniture. Well, as nice as it is, I'm not one for leather ~ and leather in the summer in a beach cottage with no air conditioning is unfathomable, even with the mild weather we usually enjoy here. I knew I'd have to throw something over it. But instead of going with my pretty pink rose slipcover, I thought I'd try something different. I wanted more color, a little more funky feel, if you will. I felt like the house was crying out for bright, happy colors. I knew my friend's quilt was the answer to both my problems ~ cheery and bright while still being pretty, it also doesn't feel too warm on your skin when you sit on it.
So I threw the quilt over the couch (thank you, Julie, for again inspiring me), bought some brightly-colored pillows at Target, selected some art that played off the bright colors and before I knew it, I had a cozy, comfy and bright living room, chock full of books, art and flowers ~ perfect.
Next up in the new home tour is the dining room, which I'll show you in my next post. Wishing everyone a lovely Saturday...

P.S. Click on each photo to enlarge for a better view.

The beautiful fireplace. The stones mirror the ones used in the pillars for the porch.

The gorgeous archway that leads to the kitchen. The archway is not original to the house; the latest owners built it to match the rest of the Craftsman features in the home. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

From a time gone by...

One of the little things that I love about our new home is the old mail slot by the front door. There's a new mail box by the gate that the Post Office uses to deliver the mail, but the old mail slot was never taken out (and yes, it still works). It's a beautiful little reminder of a time gone by, when letters were delivered morning and afternoon and people communicated through handwritten notes, not computerized social networks. As much as I think we're fortunate to live in the era we do, I sometimes wonder if we haven't left something important behind in our race to discover the latest thing. It's lovely to have a beautiful old reminder to perhaps slow down a bit and remember the world didn't always move so fast.
Stop by over the weekend for more photos from our new home. Wishing everyone a lovely Friday...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Home sweet home...

Our cute little Craftsman cottage near the beach.

The side gate and peach rose tree at our new house.

Call off the search parties ~ I'm back. Best of all, I'm moved! I honestly don't know how we made it through the past week, but we did, thank goodness. On top of the moving chaos, our little dog Emily had to spend three days in the hospital for pancreatitis. We were frightened at one point that she might not make it, but she seems to be recovering, so please keep your fingers crossed. I am so grateful to put this move behind me, I can't tell you. As I write this, our new house is probably 99 percent together, so I can head back to work and not come home to boxes for the first time in a month. What a wonderful thought.
I will be taking photos of each room over the next couple of weeks and sharing them with you. For now, here's the outside and a couple tiny sneak peeks at the interior. 
Hope all of my fellow Americans had a wonderful Fourth of July. Wishing everyone a fabulous week!

The front porch swing.

A glimpse into the kitchen.

Daisies on my coffee table ~ my reward for three solid days of unpacking.