Happy autumn...

Fall is here! The first day of autumn is always worth celebrating in my book. The colors, the leaves, the crisp air, Halloween, apples and pumpkins ~ it's just a great time of year and my favorite season. I'm looking forward to warmer clothes, colorful leaves, homemade goodies like apple cake and pumpkin bread and decorating for the ghosts and goblins that come knocking on the door looking for candy. What are you looking forward to this season?

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Photo from Midwest Living


  1. I am looking forward to sweater weather, fall walks in the woods, sitting outside by the fire in the evening, soups, winter meals like pot roasts....

    Love the pumpkin/key idea! I might have to borrow that!

  2. I love Autumn as well. It is without a doubt, my favourite season.

    My favourite holiday is Thanksgiving, which, we here in Canada will celebrate in just a couple of weeks.
    That is what I am MOST looking forward too.


  3. Summer's my favorite season, so I always have a hard time welcoming the change. I could tolerate the beginning of fall, but mid-to-late fall, winter, and early-to-mid spring are just too cold for my Florida blood. If I was still living in Florida, I would feel differently about this time of year, but right now, I'm dreading the next several months.

    By the way, what a cool way to decorate with those old keys.


  4. Since I loathe summer, I am beyond thrilled that it is Fall! I don't like winter, but I'm not going to waste a great season like Autumn dreading Winter. :-)

    I am looking forward to planting some more mums, getting some pumpkins, eating some fall foods....


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