Fresh air rooms to love...

I was perusing the Better Homes & Gardens site when I came across these outdoor rooms ~ or fresh air rooms, as they call them ~ and fell in love. Each one is glorious and lovely, perfect inspiration for the sunroom on the front of my house back East. I'm going to file them away in the house ideas folder I keep on my computer. And while I doubt that my fresh air room will be as elaborate as these, it's still fun to dream, isn't it?


  1. These are lovely Eileen and it's how I get my inspiration too. I clip out pictures I love from magazines and download photos into a Decorating Folder. I'm a re-modeler and I use these as my basics to design what I want.

    I am particularly fond of screened porches and lanais. With all of the new outdoor fabrics and furniture available today, an outdoor room should receive as much attention as your living room. Dreaming leads to decisions and decisions lead to finished projects that you love. Thanks for sharing these beautiful "fresh air" rooms.

  2. I love these inspiration spaces! Thanks for sharing them Eileen!

  3. Very pretty! I wish I had a space like that at my place :-)

  4. Beautiful outdoor spaces! I live on my dreams.

  5. Love these! Picture number 2 is my favorite.


  6. Hi, Eileen. I've just popped over from Laura's place (she, who commented just above me).
    When I saw the first couple of pictures, I thought, "What an exquisite home you have!" Then I read the rest. Sigh!
    Double sigh, actually. We have a "fresh air room" at our place. But there's only so much you can do with an apartment balcony that's only big enough for one Bear to turn around. Especially in heavy mosquito season.
    But we can all dream.


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