Fading summer...

Summer is beginning to wind down ~ shorter days, even the occasional evening chill in the air. A couple nights ago, I took a tour around the yard to see how things look as the season begins to fade. Everything is still lovely, especially in that soft early evening light.
How are things where you live?
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend full of beauty...

All photos by The Pink Home

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  1. Yes, it's definitely winding down, which I love. I like the beginning and the end of summer. It's the middle part I could do without :-) I like the cooler temps and getting dark earlier. I know most people don't like that, but I do.

  2. So do I, Kathie! I love the shorter days and cooler weather. I always say that, too, that I'm in the minority on that one. Autumn is my favorite season by far.

  3. I struggle with the ending of summer. Since I don't do cold weather well, and since the cold seems to last 8 months where I live, I actually begin to feel sad towards the latter part August...saying goodbye to my beloved summer is a definite hardship.


  4. Add me to the group that welcomes the nights closing in and cooler temps. Autumn is my favorite season by far and I hate to say that I can't wait for it because, it's so fleeting.

    I've already had to throw out a couple of hanging baskets.. it's getting cool!!!!


  5. Your flowers are still lovely!
    I hope mine don't fade too much after we get all this rain Sunday!
    Happy Pink Saturday ~ where the smiles don't depend on the weather!

  6. Looks lovely still. I wish we were winding down but we are still mid 90's. Unusually hot this summer but I'm not complaining, ( I promised after the horribly frigid winter I would not complain about the heat) so I'm just sayin'.

  7. Yes summer is fading away. Happy pink Saturday

  8. Eileen,
    I hate to see the summer end. Can't do cold....However, I do love the fall and the glorious colors.

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  9. You are so right, everything is so lovely! Mine is looking really tired! I don't think I took enough time with my garden the 2nd half of summer and it looks it. Your pinks are so soft and pretty. Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Fading is not the word for Texas. Everything has burned up and we are being put on water restrictions next week. Even big trees are dieing.

  11. Not to be a party pooper but I can't wait for summer to be over and fall to begin. BTW - Love your hose hanger thing!


  12. I agree, but where I live there really only seems to be winter and summer, but I am always grateful for the beginning and ending of both because it gets so hot here.

    Have a wonderful day and blessed week!

    Love, Light, Harmony ~ CindyLew

  13. Lovely late summer pictures...this season literally flew by!!

  14. Beautiful late summer pictures, lovely still! I remember summer always flew away, even in the times when I was a teen and time didn't fly, summer managed to do!!
    Fall is beauiful too, maybe my fave season, I can't wait to do my fall decor. Keep safe and have a nice weekend. FABBY

  15. Summer is winding down and I see some trees are turning already. I can even smell Fall in the air. We turned the heat on a couple of nights to get the chill out of the rooms. Your post this week is very beautiful.
    Joyce M

  16. Hard to believe it's almost gone. Great pics.

  17. It would be perfectly okay with me if summer never ended. Perhaps I should say that I chase the sun. I know fall will be here in the mountain soon. Already we have crisp mornings and can sleep with the windows opening.

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