From a time gone by...

One of the little things that I love about our new home is the old mail slot by the front door. There's a new mail box by the gate that the Post Office uses to deliver the mail, but the old mail slot was never taken out (and yes, it still works). It's a beautiful little reminder of a time gone by, when letters were delivered morning and afternoon and people communicated through handwritten notes, not computerized social networks. As much as I think we're fortunate to live in the era we do, I sometimes wonder if we haven't left something important behind in our race to discover the latest thing. It's lovely to have a beautiful old reminder to perhaps slow down a bit and remember the world didn't always move so fast.
Stop by over the weekend for more photos from our new home. Wishing everyone a lovely Friday...


  1. I love that, my Grandma has one at her house and it's still used :-)

  2. Oh Eileen
    this brings
    back memories
    of my first
    i loved the
    mail slot
    back then i
    had a terrier
    who would run
    across the slick
    floor and slide
    to a screeching
    stop...grab the
    mail as the
    carrier was pushing
    it thru...and
    proceed to rip it
    to shreds...
    miss the mail slot
    and the terrier!

  3. That is so sweet. :)
    I was watching Sense and Sensibility over the weekend (last) and it really struck me how they waited with bated breath for letters to arrive. And of course, how they cherished them.

    I feel the same as you, I don't think that I would want to live in another time but I do believe that we have lost some important things over time.


  4. I love your mail slot! I remember how much fun it was to get mail back in the day that wasn''t bills or sales items...A hand written letter or card brought a lot of joy.

  5. We had a mail slot in our second home. Our dog didn't care for the mailman and often would chew the mail that was dropped through the slot. We were newly married at the time and sometimes my mom would stick a twenty in her letter. The dog was smart - she never chewed up those letters. Makes you wonder how the dog knew...


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