Scents of the season... Spring

Fragrance is part of creating a beautiful home and each season brings with it its own olfactory wonders. I always associate spring with floral scents ~ lilacs, hyacinth, daffodils. Then there are the "fresh" scents of spring activities ~ the smell of laundry after it's been dried on the line, and the first bit of freshly cut grass. While I always enjoy flowers and we leave the windows open quite a bit as the weather gets warmer, which lets the smell of freshly cut grass waft in on the weekends, I also like to switch up my candle scents each season.
There are many wonderful candle makers out there and I often try new ones, but I always find myself returning to Yankee Candles. I just prefer how strongly they smell and how well and long they burn. Some of their new spring scents include Fluffy Towels, Garden Hideaway and Pink Lady Slipper ~ all of which I can't wait to sample. They have a Lemon Lavender scent I'm going to have to try as well.
What spring scents do you love?

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  1. Oh I want to try the fluffy towels one as well.

    I love lilac and lavendar a lot for spring. Anything that's fresh and airy.

  2. I am right there with you on thinking fragrance is a delicious way to beautify our homes.

    Year-round, I use a Scentsy home fragrance system. They are wickless fragrance tarts, which burn in an electric warmer. I tend to use the bakery scents...blueberry muffin, lemon pound cake, cinnamon bun, etc. But they have a sweet pea/vanilla that is out of this world. Lots of sweet pea fragrance, but mellowed a bit by the vanilla. Pure heaven!!

    Have a great day,

  3. Love the lilac photo! Lilacs are one of my favorite scents.

  4. Without a doubt, lilac is my favorite Spring flower scent. Line dried bedding is my favorite "fresh" scent.

    I saw those new Yankee Candle scents last week (when I was buying my new umbrella at the "banned store".). I'm hoping to receive one (or two) for Mother's Day. :)


  5. I'm so happy that I went out and clipped a bunch of the lilacs before the rains. Their fragrance just fills the house. Perhaps you'd like to link this or another post to Seasonal Sundays for Mother's Day.

    I appreciate your comment on my Royal Wedding Breakfast Part I and thought you might like to know that Part II is up now.

    - The Tablescaper

  6. Beautiful lilacs. I can't grow them here and I miss them. Lovely post.

  7. Hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Thank you for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Your lilacs are beautiful! Ours have bloomed and are done for this year. Lemon Lavender sounds like a wonderful candle... might see if I can find one:@)


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