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Greetings, all! That was quite an outage for Blogger, wasn't it? I was beginning to wonder if it would ever come back.
Now that we can all blog and visit again, on to more enjoyable things: When I saw that Happier Than a Pig in Mud was hosting a Paula Deen Cook Along, I thought it was the perfect excuse to finally try out a quick roll recipe from The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook. I've had the recipe marked for quite a while, intrigued because it only contained four ingredients ~ two of which are sugar and mayonnaise.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but the rolls were indeed easy and tasty. The recipe only makes a half-dozen rolls, so it's perfect for just a couple people. It's also easy to double, if needed. The rolls are fairly dense, so if you prefer lots of air in your rolls, this recipe probably isn't for you. But if you like your rolls fairly doughy and almost biscuit like, with lots of butter, definitely try these.

Easy Rolls
From The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook

Yields 6 rolls

1 cup self-rising flour
1/2 cup milk
1 teaspoon sugar
2 Tablespoons mayonnaise

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix together flour and milk. Add sugar and mayonnaise. Pour into greased muffin tins and bake for 12 to 15 minutes.

Notes: I only had all-purpose flour on hand, so I added 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to the flour. You can do the same if you don't have self-rising flour on hand.
These rolls are great slathered with honey butter (it's a Paula Deen recipe, so butter in one form or another is practically a must). I also think they would take a little shredded cheese mixed in fairly well, if you're so inclined. I might try that next time.
Bon appetit.

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  1. I love Paula. These look great! I really like that this makes a small batch.

  2. Hi Eileen! These look great! I agree with Kathleen, I love smaller batches of things too. My first thought was bet they'd be good with honey, I will be trying them soon and thanks so much for playing along!

  3. Hey Eileen,thank you so much for your sweet comment on the Paula Deen Blueberry muffins,they were delish,and I love this recipe for these easy rolls,I got to try,and it doesn't have any eggs?wow
    I like eggs,but I noticed there ain't any in these rolls.Lovely
    Hey I'm your newest follower I sure hope you come follow back if ya can.
    Have a great relaxing and fun weekend.


  4. They look so good! Wish I had one or two right about now!

  5. Those sound yummy! I got a lot accomplished while blogger was down - lol!

  6. ummmm...I like rolls of ANY kind. And, these sound so simple and quick. May make some for breakfast in the morning.:))
    xoxo bj

  7. Easy & a small quantity too is a winning combination!

  8. These rolls look so tasty and just the sort of thing we like here at the Presbytere.
    Thanks for the recipe.

  9. It's my day for a blog hop, I'd love it if you came over and shared one of your great recipes at savory sunday!! Have a great day :)

  10. That was quite an outage wasn't it? I love Paula and she has great recipes. Great description of what type of rolls these are, that always helps to decide when your mood for rolls changes. Thanks for linking up to Fat Camp Friday this week! See you next Friday!

  11. These rolls look delicious and easy! You can't beat that!

  12. Oh my gosh this looks wonderfully tasty! Thanks for linking up to Savory Sundays!!

  13. Since I do not cook much anymore, I will not be joining you great cooks for this party. I certainly would enjoy having some of whatever is prepared.

  14. Ooh, mayonaise, that is going to make them moist! I had to laugh when you said "If you like your rolls moist and with LOTS OF BUTTER" - isn't Paula just so famous for that?! Yum, these look really yummy. I am into trying more of Paula's recipes too, although I had a beautiful cake all ready to post, but it was like a rock - it went into the trash with all that yummy filling and frosting. I will make it again, but with another cake recipe. My first failure from Paula ( and she said to bake the layers 17-20 minutes too - absolutely raw with that little of time - took 35 minutes.)


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