Furry First Friday...

For the return of Furry First Fridays after a hiatus last month, I thought I'd share one of my all-time favorite photos of my Emily. This was taken a couple of years ago. I love how she's smiling directly into the camera. You can feel happiness radiating from her.
Thanks to everyone for joining. If you didn't have time this month, mark your calendars for the first Friday in June.
Happy Friday!


  1. If anyone has any trouble linking up, just leave your post link in the comments and I'll take care of it for you. Don't forget to hop around and visit.

  2. Emily is adorable. sigh, I miss having a dog!

    She's like a cute little Ewok :-)

  3. and I love how her fur around her eyes looks like long, glamorous eyelashes! lol

  4. Dear Eileen

    I am so glad to see Furry 1st Fridays is back - thanks for letting me know!

    Today's picture of Emily is just gorgeous! Her sweet personality really shines through on this one! Thanks for sharing - have a fabulous week!


  5. I love all these furry friends

    I lost my Sissy(pug) to cancer April 10 2011

    It was a shock with all her check ups and etc I only knew 2 weeks before she died. I miss her terribly

    Thank you for this posting


  6. Shoot I forgot all about this! I will participate next month for sure. :)

    Emily is so cute. Cheech does that smiling thing too and I love it. I've never owned a dog that smiled before and I think it's hilarious.


  7. Emily is adorable...lovely smile :D
    BEAR and I are glad to hook up this month :D

  8. Emily is way cute, and her eyes are so sparkly it almost looks like she's wearing mascara (tho I know she's not, it is natural sparkle).

  9. Everyone says that, but nope, no mascara. :)

  10. Oh, how adorable!! I'll try to find a pic of my lil Rosie to share later!!!

    Happy PS and Happy Mother's Day!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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