Favorite find... Butterfly dishes

I came across these adorable butterfly dishes at Target and decided they were too cute to pass up. Believe it or not, I bought them for a gift, not myself (shocking, I know, considering my obsession with dishes). I just think they are so cheery. And, because they are Melamine, they're perfect for outdoor use this spring and summer. I mean, why bother with paper plates and cheap plastic cups when you can have something this cute and inexpensive that will last for years? Think of it as a little seasonal beauty for the table.
In case you're wondering, you can still find them at Target and yes, the giftee loved them. Happy hunting.


  1. those are cute, I saw a blog tutorial for turning them into a tiered serving tray. I felt they were better just as plates :-)

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  2. Kathie, I actually saw a tiered serving tray at Target, so they do sell them. But it didn't do much for me, either, so I stuck with basic dishes.

  3. Those are REALLY cute! I love them. I've always had a thing for butterflies. :)


  4. These colorful dishes and glasses are perfect for summer meals on the patio. What a lovely way to dress up my picnic table. Thanks for the tip about Target.

  5. Springtime for the table, Eileen! I think most of us could use that right about now.

    Thanks for your comment on the Rangiroa post. I've never done such a long read before....takes time to ge through, I am not really a writer so I greatly appreciate anyone who got through it! :)

  6. Pretty, pretty.....

    I recently bought some bird plates that I'm really enjoying. Hope your butterflies add great fun to your eating experiences!~

  7. Hey..I have those dishes, for the same reason you bought yours. They are wonderful, indeed.


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