Wallpaper as art...

When I come across an image that makes me think, "Oooh, good idea...", I file it away for future reference. I have a mountain of these images from magazines that I periodically sort through. I started keeping images on my computer a couple years ago ~ I store them all in a folder and use it as my screensaver source so these beautiful ideas are always sort of popping up. I came across this forgotten image from Country Living in my e-mail yesterday when I was cleaning it out. The wallpaper squares are kind of a neat way to add visual interest to a room ~ wall covering and art all in one, while making use of scraps of leftover paper. Beauty and resourcefulness... perfection.


  1. This picture is lovely and I could like wallpaper if it looked like that!

  2. Brilliant! It can be perfect for left over wallpapers! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

  3. This is a neat idea! Thanks for sharing!


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