Lightening up for spring...

I love fabrics and pattern, as you know, and will look for basically any excuse to add more ~ new pillows, bedding, curtains, table linens, napkins, etc. Lap blankets fall into this category. I love seeing a neatly folded stack of blankets when I open a cupboard, ready to be pulled down for a cozy read or a snuggle on the porch.
With the change in seasons, I have switched out which blankets get used. The heavyweight, darker colors are put away and in their place are light, almost airy, blankets with soft colors, like this one above. I bought this blanket a few years ago and each spring when I get it back out, I remember how much I love it. The soft blues and greens are so pretty ~ perfect for spring.
How is the season shaping up at your home?


  1. Bella, I love fabrics and patterns and colors.... that piece you posted is 'loverly'! (The father of the bride in My Fair Lady, with Audrey Hepburn, sang a song with that twist of a word -- have always loved it since.)

    I 'accidently' did a spring makeover on my blog, and the funny thing is now that the 'scare' of finding all my posts and pictures awry when I selected a new template got mostly sorted out, I'm really excited about the new look..... it's like a spring makeover.

    I feel more creative, energetic, and alive.... and that's just virtually! Now I'm ready to play more in my home.

    Thanks for the breath of spring!

  2. PS... Pink lady... you must go and see this lovely and fun youtuble...

    It's called Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (Perez Prado)....

  3. What a pretty lap blanket! Spring is shaping up here pretty well. I started planting in my veggie garden yesterday. Inside, I changed the winter matel decor to a more spring like look.

  4. love this light and springy blanket
    i took my winter quilts off the bed
    and put lighter throws on
    starting to bring fresh cut flowers in also...IF IT WOULD ONLY STOP RAINING!!!

  5. You will laugh at this, but I got my spring decorations out in January. As soon as Christmas went down, spring came back out. I just can't tolerate winter, so I hoped to rush spring a bit. Of course, the blankets of winter STILL haven't been put away, but at least the sunflower items I use for spring and summer have been hanging around since January.

    Blessings to you,


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