Easter blooms...

"Easter spells out beauty ~ the rare beauty of new life."
~ S.D. Gordon

Beautiful lilies, tulips and a lovely rose ~ a mix of traditional Easter flowers and a little extra beauty, in perfect spring colors. These are some of the lovely blooms I will be gazing on this weekend, so I thought I would share them with you. Wishing all of you a beautiful Easter holiday.

Photos by The Pink Home


  1. Hello Eileen,
    Your flowers are just gorgeous!Happy Easter blessings,

  2. Lovely flowers!
    Wishing you a lovely Easter!
    Your music always makes we want to find my Honey and dance!

  3. Just gorgeous. I love Spring flowers and yours are so lovely.
    I'm very glad that you didn't delete this blog. There are just so many great ideas and beautiful pictures. It truly is one of my very favorites (so is your new one).
    I love the new look. Very clean and simple which is great when you've got such vibrant pictures in your posts. Just wonderful!!!!


  4. Your Easter blooms are divine! Thank you so much for your words of comfort for my dear Toby. I have cried buckets of tears these last few days, but it is the comfort of sweet friends like you that hold me up during this difficult time...I can't thank you enough.

  5. Love them all especially the Easter Lily. Those smell so wonderful. Hope that you had a wonderful Easter!



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