Living rooms to love...

I was perusing the Internet and stumbled across these gorgeous living rooms in Country Living. I love all of these different looks, from the French Country to the Victorian influence to the Shabby Chic/cottage look. There's even some fab pink. In a couple of years, I'll be moving back to my home on the East Coast, at which time we'll begin our redecorating/renovations, so I'm starting to collect ideas now.
Decisions, decisions...


  1. All I can see is Ooh and Ahhhh! All of these rooms are so pretty and I'm in love with the pink in the last room.


  2. love the first one with all of the books. the second one has been in my inspiration file for quite a few years....

    they are all lovely...
    happy new year.

  3. ooh, loving the pink!

  4. Such charm! I love the country look of the first one!


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