A little pink beauty for Pink Saturday...

Happy Pink Saturday, ladies. Last weekend, I wandered into a garden center looking for a new planter. Instead, I walked out with these gorgeous pink roses. (Am I the only woman to do that?) It's been awhile since I bought myself a bunch of roses; usually I just clip from the bushes in our yard, which turn out some beauties. But our roses are currently in a bit of a lull - maybe that's why this bunch in my favorite color called to me so strongly. I need flowers in my life - it's just the way I am.
As always, thanks to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting this lovely tribute to pink. Please stop by her blog for a complete list of this week's participants. Have a lovely weekend, all.


  1. Beautiful, sweetpea! Yesterday hubs and I went looking for a few new planters for our gardenias and thought we'd wait until Labor day when they're having a sale. I know just the ones I want also.

  2. they're gorgeous! I'm living vicariously through you!

  3. hi! wonderful roses! thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Those roses are simply GORGEOUS!!! So beautiful in pink :)

    Happy Pink Saturday! Warmest, Brenda

  5. Hi

    Yep we all do it! I just did it this afternoon too - although they weren't roses.

    Love them and yes we deserve them:)

  6. I love flowers. And sure why can't we buy them for ourselves? Have a great Pink Day.

  7. Beautiful pink treasures Thank you for sharing..Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Happy Pink Saturday -

    I have to say you are right - beauty is important especially in flowers. They are so pretty.

    Sandie (another pinkie)

  9. These would look beautiful dried !!! Happy PS!

  10. What gorgeous pink roses. I would have had to bring them home with me too.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  11. Gorgeous PINK roses! I sooo adore your furry pet's pics in the previous post, too!

    Big TX hugs,
    Angelic Accents


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