I wish, I wish...

It's Wednesday ~ time to step back and make a wish. I wish, I wish, I wish... for time. But not just more time in general. I wish for time to turn my recent yarn purchases into lovely bits of knitted beauty. I have tried several times in the past few weeks to start new knitting projects but something always seems to get in the way - laundry, cleaning, errands, etc. There's an old saying ~ When God made time, He made enough of it ~ which reminds me that making time for what truly makes our heart sing is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. Perhaps the laundry or vacuuming can wait. Maybe I need to take the time to turn these beautiful skeins...

into these...

Or these...

into these...

Creating some knitted beauty seems like a good way to spend a few hours this week, don't you think? Fingers crossed that my wish comes true...
To add your wishes to the Wednesday wish list, stop by Just a Happy Housewife. Thanks to my buddy Kathie for starting this event, which is shaping up to be one of my favorites.
Wishing all of you bits of beauty to brighten your days...


  1. Bonjour Bella,
    Yes definitely stop for a bit and create something lovely from all those colored skeins. I love the purses, so elegant.
    Hope your week is going well.

  2. oh I love knitted things! I wish I knew how, but I don't think I could...plus I'm impatient. I'd want to finish a project in no time!

    thank you for joining in!!!! :-)

  3. Oh, how exciting! I should really learn to knit! Can't wait to see what you do with them! XX!

  4. I love those little knit caps and the little grey purses...so cute...good luck in your knitting adventures.

  5. Oh what a great wish.. We all need more time. I hope you get to use that yarn soon. Looks like some wonderful projects for sure..

  6. My wish for today would be for cooler, rainy weather.

  7. Hi: I am running a day late for Tea Cup Tuesday. I just love the Tea Cup lamp it is so cute. Thank you so much for sharing. It is beautiful. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  8. I say go for the knitting with those fabulous yarns and enjoy!


  9. I love all the possible knitting projects! I started to crochet a blanket a while back (my first attempt at something like this) and I had to pull it all out to start over... Only, life kinda shoved that into the back corner pocket and I've yet to restart. I hope you are able to get started soon!

    You have amazing skeins! (How's that for a pick-up line?)


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