Favorite find... beautiful bed linens

It's been awhile since I've done a Friday favorite find, so when I came across this bedding sale at Pottery Barn, I thought I would share. I always enjoy perusing the Pottery Barn catalogs, but I'm not exactly a devotee. Their look tend to be a little too perfect, too pulled together for me. I prefer a more eclectic look with finds from everywhere. Still, they do some things very well, and bedding is definitely one of them. They have some gorgeous bed linens on sale right now, if you're interested in a little something new for the upcoming season. And if not, the window shopping is still good...

All photos from Pottery Barn


  1. oooh, wonderful find! I agree, I'm not for the perfect look or what I have termed the "magazine" look. My biggest reason is that I prefer my house look inviting yet comfortable...I want to feel relaxed in my house. I don't want to feel like I can't touch anything! :-) It's just too hard for me to keep up a perfect look.

  2. I have there marigold toile comforter in my master bedroom. I agree about Pottery Barn looking a little too perfect, but they are great for picking one or two pieces to place in your home.

  3. Mmmmm! Gorgeous!
    I am looking for some new bedding for 3 of our beds. Two of them are for boys (no fun to buy for at all!) and the other is for my bed. I'm holding out for the perfect set of sheets.
    Thanks for the tip! Love the pictures that you used. :)


  4. What great finds at Pottery Barn. I enjoy flipping through their catalog for ideas on decorating, but I always end up adding my own touch.

  5. I enjoy pretty bedding as well. I like some of the things you have selected. I have not purchased much lately as it has all gone up in price.

  6. Mmm...warm and cozy - can't wait for fall to add covers to the beds!



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