Add a little loveliness...

Finding simple ways to add a little more loveliness to my world is like a great big hug from the Universe. I came across these wonderful ideas and thought I'd share.
If you have a great old mirror but no use for it, glue felt to the back and use it as a tray. Perfect for a bit of glamour on a dressing table or nightstand. Or, store your sugar in a glass canister and use a pretty tea cup for the scoop. Beauty and function all in one - love it. I am totally on a quest now to get some of those glass canisters. Old colored bottles displayed in front of a window offer a stained-glass effect at a fraction of the price. And if you're in the mood for a subtle change, swap out your candles with a different color, such as pink - my favorite.
After all, paying attention to the little things adds up to a beauty-filled life...
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All photos from Country Living


  1. ooh, I love these!

    I want to do the colored glass bottles in my kitchen, but I don't have the right kind of window ledge to support it :-( I've been trying to think of a different way they could be that teacup idea! I bet you could find some of the glass jars at antique shops or goodwill!

  2. I am trying my best to find pink candles but haven't so far, sweets. I may have to go online to find some. Exquisite settings but especially the teacup inside the canister of sugar or flour is lovely.

  3. Oh! I love the idea of the glass jar with the blue and white teacup scoop! How pretty is that!
    Guess what...your pincushion was mailed on Monday! :-) I hope you like it in person as much as you did in our etsy shop. :-) Thank you so much for ordering it.
    Hugs, Diane

  4. I really love the teacup idea. I recently bought a whole bunch of glass canisters and put all of my baking products into them. So much prettier and more organized! (much easier to grab a handful of chocolate chips too! ;p

    I'm thinking that I could get into those pink candles! I never thought about using them before but ... you've got me thinking. ;D


  5. I love the sugar container with the teacup! How pretty!

    Mary Ellen

  6. Very good suggestions and I could use some changes. I just do not have the energy at this point, so I live a comfortable life as it is. You have some very nice showings in your home,

  7. Good ideas!
    The nights are getting dark again here. I bought a small lantern for my balcony today and it really... kept me company, somehow, this dark and rainy evening.

  8. I love adding a little loveliness to my home! Thanks for all your well wishes for my new shop. xx

  9. Just lovely! Love the old bottles too!

  10. Okay, now we're talking...I love this...this is truly Bella!

    the mirror tray thing I have done, but the simple using a tea cup as a scoop thing I have not...and certainly will do the first chance I get! What an adorable way to use a lonely tea cup who has lost it's saucy mate!

    well done...great post....thanks for sharing...

    hope you're keeping well..I'm off enjoying the last days of summer vacation with my kids!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  11. What a lovely blog you have!!!!! Loving looking around...the pink candles on glass candlestick....oooohhhh so pretty!!! Great ideas you have to inspire me!!

  12. Every time I visit your blog, I feel so good inside; it's just such a pleasure! I love all the ideas and thoughts that you share! Please stop by my blog and hopefully link up one of your fabulous posts on my new theme blog hop focused on all things "Fresh, Clean and Pure" on Fridays to freshen up our lives and everything in our lives! Roz over ta La Bella Vita


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