Laundry room loveliness...

Laundry is a chore most of us would probably rather do without. I admit it's not my favorite thing to do, but I don't hate it, either. I always have such a feeling of accomplishment after all my laundry is done - everything folded, ironed, hung up, put away. I know I would enjoy doing my laundry even more if I had a dedicated space decorated prettily and practically like this one. It would almost make me want to do the laundry before necessity called. I particularly like the drying rack that comes out from the wall above and the built-in ironing board below. And those shelves filled with pretty detergents. Great ideas to liven up an otherwise ongoing and tedious chore, don't you think? Are any of you lucky enough to have a pretty laundry room?


  1. Oh wow!These pictures are great source of inspiration!
    I have a little laundry room in the basement but I still have to organize it because we have moved to the "new ancient" (as I use to call her) home in January and have had lot to do!

  2. My laundry room is pleasant but nothing special. I would love one twice as big with a table for folding. When I iron, I usually set everything up in front of the TV.

    Pretty post!


  3. I would love to have a laundry room! My machines are just behind folding doors, so there's no room for cute signs on the wall or folding tables, cabinets, etc.

    I actually don't mind laundry at all. I think it's one of the easiest household chores :-) I'm odd that way, most folks can't stand doing laundry. I prefer it to sweeping and mopping anyday! Or vaccuuming(sp?)...ugh

  4. I can't wait until we renovate the laundry room in our house. We have a beautiful new washer and dryer set, but they're down in the basement, which is definitely not pretty right now. I totally want my laundrey room to eventually be white with black accents (probably with toile curtains like the one in the Country Living image). LOVELY!

  5. Yes I aree I would love to have something nice mine is in my basement. I would like to do something one day. I love these pictures black and white is a great idea! Sincerely,Jonny

  6. You are an inspiration. This is beautiful! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  7. I like laundry! it's actually fun when you're not 'pressed' for time, or all 'washed up' under stress! hehe....

    i used to have a pretty laundry set up..but then we moved, and now I have to work on my new area...but I'll get to it!
    at least where I am now is big and roomy!

    always look on the 'bright white' side of life!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. I have a big laundry room but, it's a mess. In need of a total overhaul. It is the one area of the house that we haven't touched since moving in 12 years ago. And it shows...
    Lately, I've been thinking a lot about fixing it up. Perhaps next year as I have to repaint my kitchen this fall. I can only take on one big thing at a time.
    I like looking at the photos. They have given me some ideas about what I would like when the time comes.


  9. I don't have a laundry room. Just plunked down in our very old, musty (sometimes wet) basement.

    One day I may do a post on it - YUCK!!


  10. I wish my laundery room were so lovely. Mine is in the basement.. I only go down there to do laundery and there is too much stuff stored in the same room . .. but a girl can dream:)

  11. Oh Bella, how I would love my laundry room to look so well designed. In my next life ... maybe!

  12. My dream is to one day do my laundry up, it is so ugly!

  13. I had to do laundry today.. I ran out of soap.. Oops.. The whites have to wait a day.. I do have a laundry room but not much room to do it..

    Have a great night..

  14. This is so very pretty! I have a big laundry room, but it is in the basement so I always end up ironing upstairs!
    Thanks for your sweet note about my hands. I really appreciated!


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