Little things and little spaces...

There are lots of ways to add beauty to your home - new paint, wallpaper, a piece of new/refinished furniture. And while all of those things are important, I think sometimes it's what we do with the little things, in the small spaces of our home, that matter more. Because while you can do all the right "big" things in a space, if you disregard the little things and the small spaces, it leaves a place feeling flat, like something is missing.
The photo above is from a little corner in my home - opposite is a comfy chair for reading. I decided to display just a few of the bookmarks from my collection since that ribbon board hangs above one of my smaller bookcases, creating a little reading theme in that area. I think it makes a cute little vignette.
Instead of putting the roses I clipped on Sunday from our yard (these are the ones I mentioned in my post earlier this week) in a regular vase, I thought I'd change things up and use my favorite teapot, so I could display both on my dining room table. Aren't the roses gorgeous? Just that little bit of color brightened up the whole dining room. In the kitchen, as you'll see below, I prefer to display my fruit and vegetables in bowls - it makes them easier to grab and adds beauty at the same time. Not to mention I get more use out of all my dishes - a great thrill for a dishaholic like me.
Just little things, I know, but they all add a little bit of beauty, don't you think?


  1. So lovely!Bella, it's always a pleasure to read your blog.Fra

  2. So pretty! I'm particularly fond of book-related vignettes, since I love to read. Your blog is always a delight!

  3. I agree, fruit left on the counter keeps it top of mind. And is that a Longaberger bowl I see?

    Thanks for you kind words this morning. I really appreciate all the support.


  4. Your roses are beautiful I love that peach its different. You just gave me a great idea! I cant believe I have never done it I keep my apple and lemons in a bag on my counter im going to get a gorgous bowl to start displaying them on my table, which will make me remember to eat them- besides looking great.Thanks for sharing your ideas,Sincerely Jonny

  5. ooooooooooooh, I love it! I love teapots and little pitchers, it's an odd thing of mine. I drool over them :-) The roses are stunning and look so nice in that teapot!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  6. Oh, Bella.. Some people might question if I have too MANY little things!!.. But you could never tell ME that! I've learned to get rid of some that I realized made me sad/regretful, but all the rest makes me happy. I want to look at every little inch of space, and smile!.. Of course I TRY to decorate every little inch of space TASTEFULLY! The cluttered look is NOT what I'm trying to achieve! ~tina

  7. Tina, that's my philosphy, too - I like every little space to look nice so that no matter your eye falls, it falls on something pleasing. I've had to get rid of things here and there, too, simply because of the memories attached. But I don't think that's a bad thing - it gives us all more room to welcome new, good stuff.
    And Leann, your eye is excellent - that is indeed a Longaberger bowl. :)

  8. Your Roses are so pretty,, and how lovely they look in your pretty tea pot... all the little touches you did are so beautiful.. can you come and do my house now........ he he.....
    have a great weekend.


  9. I couldn't agree more about the little things...they add so much and almost tell little stories in the vignettes created with them. Your corner is absolutely charming!

  10. Hi, I found your link over at the Duchess's and I had to come and take a peek. Glad I did. Your blog is beautiful and I'm all about living a beautiful life too... in every aspect of it!

    I look forward to coming when I have more time to really visit!

  11. So true.. it is the little personal things in a house that make it a homey place.

  12. Hi there!
    I popped over from Rose Tea Cottage. :)

    I'm "In Love" with your blog! I love your style, everything!
    I SO want to make my home more attractive. I've been raising 4 children for the past 17 years and it's time to reclaim the house. Time to move from "kid friendly" to "my style".
    I'm at kind of a loss as to where to begin though. I lack imagination in the decorating area and I love blogs like yours.
    I see in your place, everything I want for my own. :D
    I'll be back and I've signed up as one of your Followers.
    Take care,

  13. I too popped over from Rose Tea Cottage. (I love afternoon tea with the Duchess!) You have a beautiful blog. Yes, these little things do make a difference.

  14. I like your term dishaholic....I am one too!

  15. A bowl of green apples just brightens one's day... such a simple thing gives so much... have a good one!

  16. Little things do add up. I love the Granny Smith apples in the white bowl. What a lovely statement they make.

  17. hi there, I have an award for you!

  18. Very lovely! I enjoy pink too. Yellow is my favorite, but pink is in my top 5.

    Your blog is very nice, and now I am a follower of it.

  19. I definitely agree with you. It is just those little touches that bring who we are into our homes.

    I put flowers in unexpected places in our home. Our roses are beginning to bloom, and I love bringing some inside.

    Your calla lilies are gorgeous.

    Beverly@How Sweet The Sound

  20. Gorgeous...the roses, oh my those rose, the fruit bowl, the ribbon board. You've given me a great idea with that ribbon board. So inspiring. What a beautiful place. I look forward to more visits.

    Oh, and I hope you don't mind me taking along a copy of that amazing quote by John Muir on your sidebar. I just could not resist adding it to my quote journal on my sidebar. Lovely.

    Love and blessings!


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