A favorite find... Kinzig Design lamps

All photos from Kinzig Design

Credit for this fabulous find has to go to one of my dearest friends, who found these stunning lamps in a boutique while on vacation over the holidays and was instantly in love. Until seeing these, she said she always thought of lamps as more functional than anything else. But these unique handmade beauties made her see lamps as works of art - and I couldn't agree more. All of the lamps shown here are from Kinzig Design in San Francisco. I have always had a bit of a thing for lamps, but I've never seen anything quite like these. They really are works of art - shapely, glamorous and beautiful, each with a distinctive personality. Of course, quality like this doesn't come cheap - they start at $500 - so it's not like most of us can run right out and buy a couple. But it sure is fun to look and appreciate the beauty of the talent on display. Click here for a little window shopping - they have the most stunning floor lamps, too. One day...

All photos from Kinzig Designs


  1. They are all quite lovely! I am partial to the blue one. Too bad they are out of my price range... but a girl can always dream.

  2. Gorgeous my friend! I too love the blue one...I have such an addiction to lamps and chandeliers and you've showcased some real beauties!

    Love and hugs,

  3. OH Wow; those lamps are so gorgeous,, you are so right they are Works of Art.. oh too be able to have just one,,,, sigh.


  4. I just can't get over all the beautiful coloured shades.

  5. The Duchess of Tea has bestowed a title upon you. Her Grace requests the honour of your presence at the knighting ceremony to be held at Rose Tea Cottage.

    The Duchess will be honoured if you accept the award she is presenting you by copy and pasting it on your blog.

  6. Congrats on your award. I'm going through the list of recipients and visiting some of the lovely blogs!
    I just love lamps of any style. These are so beautiful but out of my price range for impulse buying :-)
    Glad I found you - your blog is very nice!. I just love the shower curtain in your pink saturday post too - its perfect!
    Cheers, Karen

  7. Bonjour,
    Just found your beautiful via the Duchess of Tea. Congratulations of the Reagl Blog award, the Duchess is one of the lovliest blogers out there.
    This post is gorgeous, the blue lamp is my favorite.
    I'll be following along and will be back soon.
    Have a fabulous week!

  8. So whimsically gorgeous, I've never heard of this brand of lamps before, but you've turned me into an instant fan. Delightful lighting creations, thank you very much for sharing them!

    Many hugs & wishes of happiness,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. These lamps are gorgeous! I have seen this vendor at the gift show in New York. They are even more fabulous in person!
    Thanks for sharing them with us!!
    Have a wonderful day!


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