The beauty of being...

Sunflowers are such happy plants. I felt like I was beaming like one all day. Photo from ManojVasanth via flickr.

Dreading a return to work after a luxurious two weeks off, I was determined to spend today just being. And enjoying it. I did all my housekeeping and laundry and errands on Saturday so I could enjoy whatever I felt like on Sunday. Sometimes I get so caught up in the doing all the time, I forget to just be.
But today, I managed to do just that. I slept late, wrote in my journals and played on my iPod a little. I was struck by a sudden need for some new knitting projects about noon, so I headed to a fabric and craft store I had heard good things about but never entered and spent quite a while wandering around, finding all sorts of goodies. I returned home with bag full of yarn and some new knitting looms to try and spent the afternoon working on those. I decided I felt like a wonderful meal earlier in the day, so I prepared a pork loin roast (seasoned and wrapped in bacon) for dinner. Later, I added my famous mashed potatoes, sauteed some fresh green beans with just a touch of onion and warmed some crusty rolls. The meal was declared delicious by my sweetie and I had to agree. To indulge all the senses, I also set a pretty table, using some of my favorite dishes.
I caught up with some friends on the phone and talked with my sweetie about this and that. This evening I spent working on the new looms and ate a few Hershey kisses. Bliss.
I share all this because I realized today that because I made a conscious choice to just enjoy the day, I did. My only expectation today was one of pleasure, and it was met. And that is a beautiful way to live, don't you think? I will have to remember that throughout the year.


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday! Leigh

  2. What a fabulous day! sounds enchanting and lovely. Blessings!


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