Tuesday brightener... Tainted Ladies

All images copyright Anne Taintor.

Beauty with a sense of humor - an irresistible combination, I always think. If you haven't yet discovered Anne Taintor's work, you should really check it out. My friends and I have enjoyed it for several years. Her calendar is required giving each Christmas, in fact.
I pulled just a few of her designs to give you a taste, but I highly recommend you check out her Web site - www.annetaintor.com - because it will seriously brighten your day, week, year. The women featured in her designs are real models, from pictures taken many years ago. Some of the original models are now featured on her site (click on Taintorette News). She has everything from compacts to bags to cards featuring these fabulous women and her take on what they're really thinking.
Wishing you beauty and humor this week...


  1. I love these! some of them are toooo funny :-)

  2. I've been a fan of Anne's work for years! That definitely brightened my day...thanks sweet friend!

  3. Love the photos,, they are so great and funny,, I love the one where she is dreaming her home is clean,,, I can relate....lol

    Have a great week


  4. This is so great, thanks for the link!

    Don't forget that we're having a giveaway.


  5. These are really quite cute and fun. I can relate to a few of them! ha! Blessings!

  6. I just adore Anne Taintor's sassy gals! Great choices!!!


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