Tuesday brightener... Turkey dinnerware

Photo credit: Gridley & Graves

As anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows, I love dishes. Unabashedly. With Thanksgiving this week, I couldn't resist sharing some turkey dinnerware I've been mooning over. A set of turkey dishes is one of those things on my wish list - it's pretty far down, though, because let's face it, you can really only use dishes with a turkey on them on Thanksgiving.
Still, one day I hope to set my Thanksgiving table with something as beautifully traditional as these. Do any of you have any special Thanksgiving dishes? I'd love to hear about them if you do.
Wishing you a bright and happy Tuesday...

Photo credit: Pottery Barn

Spode china above and below


  1. I wish we celebrated thanksgiving here, sounds so much fun! Have a sweet day!


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