25 Days of Christmas Beauty...

Greetings, all! Just a note to remind you that starting tomorrow, I will be posting a little holiday beauty each day through Christmas. Think of it as an easy way to enjoy the holidays, one that requires nothing more than a click of the mouse; it's a mini-break from shopping and running around like a headless chicken. There will be no lengthy reads, no to-do lists - just beautiful images each day that capture the many pleasures of the season. I may even throw in a favorite holiday recipe or two. I hope you will stop by regularly and soak up a little beauty of the season.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Good Morning Bella.
    Thank you for sharing your red baubles for the day. What a Merry pick me up. Love it.

    Thanks for sharing and letting me know you care with a pretty little post for the day. It makes you feel so good inside.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie.
    Country hugs, Sherry

  2. Bella,
    I am looking forward to the lovely Christmas pictures you will share!


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