Tuesday brightener... Vintage dishes

My dish fetish strikes again.
There I was, looking around for a few photos for this week's Tuesday brightener and before I knew it, I found myself knee-dip in dishes. Oh, the choices...
As soon as I saw these, I was in love. I think it's the simple creamy palette that appeals most - it's so versatile and can be used in any season with the right complementary pieces. That vintage tea pot at the top - I just love the texture. It's the perfect time of year to put a piece like that to work, too, pouring a spicy tea or cider. The rest of the pieces are vintage restaurantware. They have so much more character than many of the plain pieces you find in restaurants today, don't you think?
Looking at pretty dishes always brightens my day; I hope it offers a few moments of pleasure for you, too. If you haven't already, please do check out my previous post and register for my giveaway. It's open through the end of today.
Have a beautiful week.


  1. Pretty dishes are always a pleasure to look at.

  2. I love these! I love interesting restaurant dishes!

  3. What lovely dishes. I keep meaning to post about our tea leaf collection, but haven't gotten around to it. You've inspired me. Thank.

  4. Gorgeous picks! I love them. I thought of you last night when I was browsing on Etsy. If you choose the Vintage category, then type in Anchor Hocking you can find some lovely pink glass items!

  5. Very pretty whites! I can vision cider being poured out of the pitcher... can almost smell it. Loving the song too!

  6. They are so pretty...and I can hardly believe they are restaurant dishes. Sometimes I think we have not progressed for the better at all. These are much nicer:-)

  7. Love your creamy white dishes,,, my favorite is the tea pot.. have a great week


  8. Every thing tastes so much better on gorgeous dishes, just like how we feel so much more beautiful in a vintage robe sitting at a vanity applying a gorgeous shade of red lipstick while wearing stunning jewelry. I love the pitcher--precious.

  9. Lovely white vintage pieces, love the one with the crown, Have a sweet day!

  10. Wouldn't be wonderful to find beautiful white dishes like this! Leigh

  11. They're all gorgeous! The teapot is just stunning!



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