Tuesday brightener... Daisy, daisy

"Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true... I'm half crazy all for the love of you..."

Image from Aziez Ahmed via flickr

Images from audreyjm529 via flickr

OK, so I realize that song (Bicycle Built for Two) is about a woman, not the flower, but it keeps running through my head so I thought I'd share. :)  Someone (possibly my mom) used to sing that when I was a kid and for some reason it has reared its head again. (It could be worse - one time I caught a repeat of Green Acres and for the next couple of weeks couldn't stop singing that wretched theme song).
Anyway, in case you missed my post last week, Tuesdays are just not my favorite days. So, in order to give myself something to look forward to - and hopefully you as well - I'll be posting little "brighteners" each Tuesday - fun, dreamy, beautiful photos that just strike my fancy. This week, I was in the mood for daisies - partly because of that song that has taken up residence in my brain and partly because I am always in the mood for daisies. They are so beautiful and happy - absolutely my favorite flower.  
Enjoy and happy Tuesday.  :)

Image from Tony the Misfit via flickr


  1. I love daisies! that song is now stuck in my head ;-)

  2. I love daisies too! So pretty!

  3. These are SO pretty! Daisies have always been one of my favorite flowers. They always make me smile!


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